Powerful and motivated manpower is the most important capital of the SabaPardazesh PJS Company. We believe that the position that we have gained after 18 years of continuous and successful operations in the field of electronic banking and security is the result of the co-operation and co-operation of human capital that is working well together in a dynamic and friendly environment in the direction of our common goal, namely, attention to quality of service And meet the needs of the employer “.

If you are a creative, hardworking, and productive person who is enjoying new challenges,
If you want to be effective in your work environment and your community,
If you want to flourish in an active, regular, and intimate atmosphere,
If you are looking for a professional path that inspires your growth and dynamism,
Or if you have activity or history in the following areas:
1. Java developer, fluent in mobile app programming (Android, iOS)
2. Python programmer

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