SabaPardazesh PJS Co. (Private Joint Stock Company) was established in 1999 with the aim of providing specialized services in the field of management consulting and security of information and communication technology and implementation of new systems of ICT, especially in the field of banking. The technical staff of the company succeeded in running a number of nationally-funded projects shortly after its establishment.

“Paying attention to the quality of services and satisfying the needs of the employer is the key to the success of our company”

Considering the role and importance of manpower in the successful implementation of each project, the company has put its strategy on the base of attracting strength, expertise and experience.
Having a flexible matrix structure with the approach of virtual organizations has made it possible to quickly set up specialized teams for each project with the participation of partner companies. Due to the need of domestic markets to take advantage of the latest achievements of the ICT industry in the world and with the technology transfer of knowledge to the country, SabaPardaz has entered into cooperation agreements with several internationally accredited international companies active in various fields of the industry.
SabaPardazesh PJS Co. is one of the leading Iranian companies in the field of information and communication technology in the field of banking and providing security solutions. The security knowledge of this company covers a wide range of “identity authentication” technologies, data protection and e-networks. Compliance with the latest world-class technology provided by leading companies in the global market, easy to use, maintain integrity, low cost of purchase, and differentiate our products and services from other similar products. The mission of SabaPardazesh PJS Co. is to provide a variety of electronic banking systems and security in the information exchange environment in the virtual world, as well as provide management consulting services to companies and organizations to meet the managerial and macroeconomic needs of information and security technology in the region of Iran and the Middle East. The company’s approach to successful projects has been to pay attention to the quality of services and meet the needs of the employer. Given the role and importance of human resources in the successful implementation of each project, the company has based its strategy on recruiting powerful forces and expertise. The customer base and the spirit of employee participation are one of the core values ​​of the company. Our goal is to become a top-level corporation in providing banking and security solutions.